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Bus & Trip Schedule:
(for more information please contact the trip host listed in the travel brochure)
  ALL buses load and unload from the Palm Grove Fitness Center side lot. 
  UNK = info not provided to website    ws # = Winter-Spring brochure    sf # = Summer-Fall brochure  
Day Depart Time Return
Return Time2 Buses1 ORT Trip # or Other

Monday 8:00AM 6-29
7:00PM 1
sf M1 - Biloxi
Thursday 8:00AM thru 2:00PM
Thursday 8:00AM thru
Wednesday 3:00PM
11:00PM 1
sf 1 - Polynesian Fire
Wednesday 9:00AM
4:00PM 1
sf 2 - Mount Dora
Sunday TBA
sf M2 - Smoky Mountains
of Tennessee
Saturday 9:30AM
6:30PM 1
sf 3 - Legally Blonde
Saturday 9:00AM
4:00PM 1
sf 4 - Cedar Key Festival
Sunday TBA
sf M3 - Farewell to Spain
Transatlantic Cruise
Thursday 8:00AM thru 2:00PM
Wednesday 7:30AM
6:00PM 1
sf 5 - Ybor City
Thursday 10:00AM
4:00PM 1
sf 6 - Sleuth's Mystery
Dinner Show
Wednesday 9:30AM
6:00PM 1
sf 7 - Imagine Museum
Saturday 8:30AM
5:00PM 1
sf 8 - Sand Ovations
Wednesday 9:00AM
6:00PM 1
sf 9 - Terra Gaucha and
Sweet Pete's Candy
Wednesday Noon
9:00PM 1
sf 10 - St. Augustine
Christmas Cruise

1 Palm Grove Fitness
Center side lot
2 approximate times
3 see bulletin boards
4 added after brochure published

Local Bus
Marion Senior Services provides Marion Transit for residents who are unable to drive and who do not have family or friends to transport them. Call for eligibility, 352-620-3071. Visit their website, HERE. Download a brochure, HERE.
Bus Entry
 for Group
The following procedures must be followed for vehicles such as buses entering Oak Run to pick up groups of residents for scheduled trips.

Buses must enter and exit Oak Run only by way of the East Gate on SW 62nd Avenue Road and proceed directly to the Palm Grove area where pickup is to be at the parking lot adjacent to the Fitness Center. This lot is on the left after turning into the Palm Grove driveway from the Boulevard.

For GPS use, the address of the Fitness Center is: 6945 SW 115th Street Road, Ocala, FL 34476

The Main (West) Gate on SR-200 may only be used as an alternate entrance. The South Gate on CR-484 is not to be used.

Security Procedures;
Security is now controlled remotely by Envera Systems. The gates no longer have guards physically present. As before there are two lanes, the right lane is for residents, the left lane for all other vehicles.

There is a white kiosk on the left side of the left lane. The kiosk is located immediately after the large Oak Run sign. There is a stop sign there as well.

Buses will stop at the kiosk and the driver will exit the bus to communicate verbally with the “Virtual Guard” who must be able see the driver via cameras. The driver will insert his/her driver’s license into the kiosk and when asked will say that he/she is taking a bus to the Palm Grove area. All buses are allowed to pass through.

When this is successful the red lighted bar will raise up, the red turns to green and the bus may carefully proceed through the gate to the Palm Grove Fitness Center lot described above. The driver must take care as the old center island is not yet removed and there is a black keypad which extends out from the left side for use by emergency vehicles.

Note 1: Once each driver has gone through this procedure the first time, on future entry it will only be necessary to insert the driver’s license into the kiosk.

Note 2: The key to this is that the driver has to be the same person shown on the license. Cameras allow the system to take his/her picture and then compare it to the face on the license.

In the unlikely event that the system is not working the driver should call Envera and talk to the Virtual Guard. The number is 1-877-936-8372. Follow selection instructions and tell the Virtual Guard that the bus is at the Oak Run East Gate to go to the Palm Grove. As an alternative the driver may call the phone number of the person responsible for the group.
The ORHA Bus Scheduler, Jim Waddell, oversees the times and places of trip pick-ups and drop-offs. All requests for scheduling a bus into or out of Oak Run must be submitted to the Bus Scheduler no less than 1 month before the planned trip. This applies to any bus coming into Oak Run for pick-up and return of residents regardless of the group or individual responsible for the trip. For more information contact Jim, 237-7145.
Parking and
other Info:
(waiting for Travel to provide updated text for this section ~ Overflow Lot is no longer available)

Residents go on trips out of Oak Run through Oak Run Travel, with a Club or with an individual who runs a trip. No matter how residents go on trips there are some rules we all must follow regarding parking in the two parking areas established for this purpose by Oak Run Associates, Ltd (ORAL).

1. Day Trips: Vehicles may be left in the Overflow Parking lot across from the Orchid Club until the bus returns later that day. This also applies to groups who carpool for trips without using a bus. On the rare occasion when there is either a conflict with 2 trips on the same day or there is more than 1 bus for a group, we are allowed to use the Palm Grove parking area between the Fitness Center and the Boulevard and the small area across from that. The ORHA Bus Scheduler will work with the groups involved when it is OK to use the Palm Grove area.

Travelers are expected to car pool as much as possible to reduce the number of vehicles left in the parking area. If a resident has an overnight guest going on a trip with the resident the guest must leave their vehicle parked in the resident’s driveway and all go to meet the bus in the resident’s vehicle. Vehicles will be checked by Security. This is true for all day trips.

2. Long Trips: Travelers going on overnight trips must make arrangements to have their vehicles removed from either of the designated parking areas until the scheduled return date for the trip. This rule applies to all groups including Oak Run Travel.

3. Bus Entry to Oak Run: Regardless of the length of a trip, buses must enter via the Main Gate on SR-200 for trips departing from the Overflow Lot and must enter via the East Gate for trips departing from the Palm Grove area.

The exception to this is for buses which return to the Palm Grove after 10:00PM when the gate closes. These buses are allowed to enter via the Main Gate on SR-200 and travel the length of the Boulevard to Palm Grove. It is the trip sponsor’s responsibility to coordinate this with the bus driver.

No buses are to enter via the CR-484 Gate. Questions should be directed to the ORHA Bus Scheduler.
Travelers Inf0
and Policies:
Travelers info, brochure and news, HERE. Policies and Procedures for Bus Trips, HERE.