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The Ambassadors Bingo Oak Run Travel
Use of Recreational Facilities Scheduling Facilities Bulletin Boards
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“Cubby” Policy Elections Invited Participation by Outside Guests
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Roberts Rules of Order, most recent edition, as revised by Henry M. Roberts, III, shall govern questions of procedure and protocol for all ORHA situations, except those for which specific rules are dictated by the Articles of Incorporation, the By-Laws, and Statutes of the State of Florida.

Rules governing books and records are set forth in By-Laws Article X.

Copies of current records are kept in the Oak Run Library. Originals of all records are kept in a locked storage room. All records must be examined at their stored location.

Contained in this document are the Policies and Procedures of the Oak Run Homeowners Association (ORHA) as developed by its Board of Directors. These policies and procedures relate to the ORHA Board, Standing Committees, Appointed positions, the scheduling of the DECCA owned Facilities and the clubs, organizations and private individuals using the Oak Run facilities governed by the ORHA Board.

In addition, the ORHA Board, along with the Neighborhood Representatives, are available for guidance and assistance to all residents of Oak Run. Following is the ORHA Board of Directors organization, which is updated by the Board, when necessary.  Chairpersons or Heads of Standing Committees are appointed by the ORHA Board each year. Standing Committees are invited to suggest names of interested volunteers. 

Officers: President and Vice-President

Directors: Six Directors, plus one DECCA Representative

Substitute Directors: This position, made up of past Directors, will have the same authority as an elected Director, only when serving as D.O.D. (Director on Duty). At no time will the appointed Director use their status for the benefit of others except when serving as D.O.D. (Director on Duty). Keys will be issued to the Substitute Director so that they may facilitate their duty. When their position is terminated by choice or by the Board of Directors, all keys will be surrendered. This policy has been approved by the 2014 Board of Directors and Alana Inman, DECCA Representative. All appointed must be approved by management, DECCA.

Non-Voting Officers: Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Purchasing Agent, Assistant Purchasing Agent, Scheduler, Assistant Scheduler, Sargent-At-Arms and Webmaster.

Standing Committees: Ambassadors, Bingo, Oak Run Travel, Past Directors, Regional Awareness, Senior Living Committee (55+), Telephone Directory and New Resident Orientation.

Service Committees: Blood Mobile, Bulletin Board, Bus Scheduler, C.E.R.T., Christmas Decorations, Copy Machine, Donut Drop-in, Lost & Found, Medical Equipment Loan Program, Medical Team, Name Tags, NAP (Neighborhood Awareness Program), Pancake Breakfast, Recycling, and Sunshine. 

(updated 6-11-21)
The only items that will be discussed at ORHA Board meetings will be those listed on the Agenda for that meeting, except for items of an emergency nature. Homeowners are urged to attend the Board meetings. They are encouraged to participate in discussing the community issues and concerns after the Board has completed its Agenda, or as recognized by the Chair.

The ORHA Board of Directors may permit Directors to participate in regular or special meetings by, or conduct the meeting using, any means of communication by which all Directors participating may simultaneously hear each other during the meeting. A Director participating in a meeting by this means is deemed to be present in person at the meeting, as is consistent with Florida Statutes.

Anyone wishing to have an item on the Agenda of an ORHA Board meeting must submit the item at least three days prior to the meeting, in order to allow ample time for the President to include all items on the Agenda, as well as to produce and deliver a formal Agenda to the monthly General meeting. All Neighborhood Representatives will be recognized for reports at Board meetings. 

Serve as liaison between the Residents of their neighborhood, the ORHA Board and DECCA.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Discuss with the residents of their neighborhood the desires of the residents which pertain to the purpose of ORHA.

Attend monthly scheduled meetings with the ORHA Board in order to:
  • Communicate the views and desires of the residents of their neighborhoods.
  • Discuss matters of mutual interest.
  • Be knowledgeable of the business conducted by the ORHA Board.
Serve on committees formed by the ORHA Board, if needed.

Encourage the residents of their neighborhood to uphold the rules and regulations for the use of the recreational facilities and to abide by the covenants and deed restrictions.

Deliver informational material authorized by the ORHA Board to the residents of their neighborhood, such as the monthly newsletter.

Assist with distribution of Oak Run phone directories to the residents of their neighborhood. 

It is the policy of the ORHA Board that all funds generated by Standing Committees be handled in a prudent manner. ORHA funds will only be used for the ORHA business. ORHA funds will not be used to donate to any charity, group or organization.

For all Standing Committees except BINGO;
The most desirable form of payment is by check, payable to ORHA. These checks should be promptly deposited in the ORHA account and a report forwarded to the ORHA Treasurer by the chairperson of the committee. A receipt should be brought to the Treasurer directly after balancing to the committee report.

Cash payments associated with the ticket sales are appropriate, provided that a record of the number of tickets issued is made part of the report to the ORHA Treasurer. All cash generated by ticket sales and any other activities should be balanced by two members of the committee under the direction of the chairperson. Funds should be promptly deposited in the ORHA account and a receipt forwarded to the ORHA Treasurer.

Copy machine receipts should be collected by an ORHA Board appointed individual and deposited in the ORHA account and a report forwarded to the ORHA Treasurer.  

Procedure for the BINGO Committee;
Due to the cash operation of Bingo, it is appropriate that specific procedures apply. Sales records of the number of units sold will be maintained as part of the Bingo operation. The cash register will be balanced by two members of the committee under the direction of the chairperson. Cash register shortages and surpluses will be part of the records maintained.

Cash receipts should be promptly deposited in the ORHA BINGO account and a report (including bank deposit receipt) forwarded to the ORHA Treasurer. A backup sheet will be maintained for the Bingo records. 

Checks will be issued by the Treasurer as required to conduct the authorized activities of ORHA.

No check will be issued without proper support documentation. No check will be issued without the proper signatures. All checks drawn on the ORHA checking account will be signed by the Treasurer and the President, or Vice President of the ORHA Board. 

In order to facilitate transactions, particularly those of a minor dollar amount, petty cash funds may be established.

When a Standing Committee, Officer, or Appointee has a petty cash fund established for their use in performing their duties, it will be their responsibility to maintain the funds. These funds will be used for miscellaneous purchases.

When an expenditure is made, a proper receipt will be obtained. In requesting funds replacement from the ORHA Treasurer, an original (or, when necessary, a copy) receipt will be provided the Treasurer along with supporting documentation.

The President, or Vice-President, may authorize spending or reimbursement for legitimate ORHA related necessities in an amount not to exceed $250.00.

The petty cash fund will be kept in balance by the sum of cash on hand and expenditure receipts. 

The Purchasing Agent for the ORHA Board will be appointed at the beginning of each Board term. The Purchasing Agent may serve as many consecutive terms as the Board wishes.

The Purchasing Agent will obtain, whenever practicable, three prices for any item being considered for purchase with a price in excess of $250.00. Bids obtained will include complete specifications or detailed description as appropriate. This information will be provided to the ORHA Board for purchase consideration. 

The ORHA Board has set up a Lost & Found service operated by a resident volunteer. This volunteer reports the status of Lost & Found at the monthly General Meeting.

The purpose of this service is to have a central location for items lost in the Oak Run community, and a place for residents to be able to drop off found articles and claim lost articles.

Lost or found items deemed by the board to be of minimal value will be held for a period of three months. Items considered having either high dollar or sentimental value will be held for at least one year. All items that exceed the time limits listed above may be disposed of either by sale or donation to an appropriate charity. Decisions to dispose of the items will be at the discretion of the ORHA Board. 

(updated 6-15-19)
Senior Living (55+) is a Standing Committee of the Oak Run Homeowners Association (ORHA). It is authorized to act for ORHA to assure continuous qualification of Oak Run as a 55+ Senior Living Community under Title 42, Section 3607, of the Federal Fair Housing Act, as implemented by the Housing for Older Persons Act of the State of Florida.

The original vote and survey of the 55+ regulations found that the community desired a 100% fifty-five plus (55+) community. As this desire was endorsed by ORHA, the Committee shall strive to uphold the fifty-five plus (55+) regulations.

The Committee shall have standing authority to act for the Association on all matters necessary to maintain and enforce all Local, State and Federal regulations pertaining to Oak Run's 55+ status, excluding the filing of litigation proceedings and governmental correspondence.

The Committee shall meet not less than once every other month. A majority of members of the Committee will constitute a quorum.

The Committee shall consist of not less than five (5) members. The ORHA Board shall appoint a Chairperson for this Committee for a two-year term (in odd numbered years). The Chair shall be responsible for recruiting and appointing 4 to 6 additional residents to this committee, attempting to balance the resulting social composition of the Committee to that of the Community at large. The Committee shall elect a Vice-Chairperson who shall assist the Chairperson in the discharge of all his duties.

Statements issued in the name of the Committee must be made by majority consent.

One Director shall be named by the Board to serve as liaison to the Committee.

The Senior 55+ Committee is an on-going Committee which needs assurance of stability in its operation and procedure guidelines. It is understood and agreed that changes made to these policies and procedures by the ORHA Board shall be made in accordance with the provisions of the ORHA By-Laws and Policies.

Sub-committees may be established to facilitate the duties of the Committee.

The Committee shall be responsible for maintaining records necessary for continued qualification of Oak Run as a senior (55+) community.  The Committee shall advise the Board of Directors regarding current filing requirements for re-certification as a Senior Living 55+ community and changes or amendments to applicable statutes and regulations.

The Committee shall review all residencies, current and prospective, and take appropriate measures to ensure that:
no home site shall be conveyed;
no interest of any kind in any home site shall be conveyed;
no home site shall be leased, rented, or loaned;
no home site shall be subleased;
no lease shall be assigned, and;
no home site shall be occupied,
until ORHA has received satisfactory verification that the age of at least one proposed resident is in compliance with the requirements of the Supplemental Amendment to the Declarations of Oak Run filed June 16, 2004.

Complaints of violations of residency shall be made in writing. The Committee shall review and/or investigate and document all allegations of violations of the age restriction Declarations of Oak Run. A written summary report of the findings shall be submitted to the ORHA Board should litigation be sought.

The Chair shall provide a written quarterly report to the ORHA Board which summarizes the number of homesites reviewed, audit activities taken, and the corrective actions initiated in order to enforce the fifty-five plus (55+) amendments. Other quantitative metrics may be requested by action of the ORHA Board to be incorporated into the quarterly summary report.

The Committee shall take  measures to protect the privacy of residents, to include shredding and proper disposal of all substantiating documents containing personal information upon conclusion of their use.

The Committee shall address the residents and owners periodically of the conditions required by Governmental Statutes and the Declarations of Oak Run to maintain the community's exemption as a Senior Living 55+ Community.

(updated 4-20-17)
As a Standing Committee of the ORHA Board, The Ambassadors are headed by the Chairperson(s) and staffed by resident volunteers for the purpose of promoting entertainment events for Oak Run residents and their overnight guests. An ORHA Director is designated as liaison to the Ambassadors.

The Ambassadors will formulate an annual calendar of activities. The Chairperson(s) will present this to the ORHA Board during the first quarter of the year preceding the proposed events in order that the required dates are made available. After approval by the ORHA Board, contracts, ticket sale dates and room requests will be coordinated.

The calendar will detail:
  • Type of program
  • Number of residents each function will accommodate
  • Estimated budget for individual events and overall program
  • Estimate of fees to be charged to the residents attending

The ORHA Board will generally approve the Ambassadors Schedule, unless the ORHA Board rules that an event is not in the best interest of the residents.

The Ambassadors Chairperson(s), or designated coordinator, is responsible for the following:
  • Arranging for coordinators and/or volunteers
  • Scheduling meetings and workshops with coordinators and volunteers
  • Submitting room requests for activities and coordinating with the ORHA Scheduler
  • Submitting copies of contracts for approval by ORHA President/Vice President in a timely manner
  • Securing deposits for contracts (if applicable) from the ORHA Treasurer
  • Arranging ticket sales in accordance with the Ambassadors Ticket Sale Policy
  • Ensuring the Ambassadors Treasurer can secure talent payment checks in a timely manner
  • Providing a brief report at the ORHA General Meeting as a Standing Committee

The Ambassadors Treasurer is responsible for the following:
  • Collecting checks from the Ticket Seller and making deposits
  • Preparing a report following each activity documenting:
    • Revenue
    • Expenses
    • Profit/Loss for activity
  • Briefly explaining report at Ambassadors meeting
  • Providing report, deposit slips, receipts, invoices and other original records to the ORHA Treasurer in a timely manner

The Ambassadors Talent Committee is responsible for the following:
  • Identifying and negotiating with prospective talent
  • Working with the Chairperson(s) to create the Calendar
  • Submitting contracts for Chair signature and ORHA President/Vice President signature in a timely manner
  • Ensuring talent is appropriate for theme of the activity (if applicable)
  • Providing talent with playlists and other necessary information

The Ambassadors Decorating Committee is responsible for the following:
  • Keeping track of the decoration inventory
  • Maintaining the storage in plastic bins, stored properly under the stage
  • Obtaining supplemental décor for each event, within that event’s budget
  • Decorating the room prior to an event and putting decorations away afterward

The Ambassadors Publicity Committee is responsible for the following:
  • Generating copy to be submitted in a timely manner for the Citizen and the Oak Run Newsletter
  • Obtaining approval from the Chairperson(s) prior to submission of all copy

Chairs for Special Events (White Elephant Sales and Arts & Crafts Fair) will coordinate their table sales and request help when needed.

The Ambassadors Food Committee is responsible for the following:
  • Obtaining materials and providing food for sale at Special Events
  • Maintaining and providing all food in a Serve-Safe manner
  • Maintaining the kitchen area in a safe and sanitary way prior, during and after the event
  • Cleaning all equipment and storing it properly after the event
  • Providing income from sales to the Ambassadors Treasure for deposit

Ambassadors Storage Policy

The Ambassadors have designated storage in the kitchens of Palm Grove and the Orchid Club to be used only for items appropriate to the kitchen. All décor will be properly stored in plastic storage bins under the stage. The Ambassadors also have frozen food storage for Special Events in the locked freezer at the Palm Grove.

Ambassadors Ticket Selling Policy

Tickets to Ambassadors events will be placed on sale, such that they will be made available at a minimum of two ORHA public functions (Donut Drop-In, Pancake Breakfast and White Elephant Sale), one independently scheduled sale date and by direct contact with the Ticket Seller after the initial public sale date.

Time and place of ticket sales will be publicized in the Oak Run Newsletter, Channel 12, the ORHA website and on posters in Oak Run facilities. These notifications should include the notation that, “This event is for Oak Run Residents and their overnight guests.”

No dance or cabaret tickets will be sold prior to the first sale date to give all residents fair access to seats and tables with no preferential treatment to anyone. Tables for the White Elephant and Craft Fair events are pre-sold on a first come, first served basis.

Residents buying tickets for non-residents will provide the name of each non-resident and assure that they will be accompanying the non-resident at all times during the event. Non-residents attending Ambassador events may in no way control the event by assisting with organizing or setup, by dictating timing or sequence, or by specifying anything that happens. All non-residents in attendance should be bona fide overnight guests as defined in the ORHA Policies and Procedures.

Because of the complexity of each transaction, a Ticket Seller will sell tickets to only one event at a time. Multiple event sales will each require a separate Ticket Seller.

All ticket transactions will be done by check. No cash will be accepted. All ticket purchases are final.

Responsibilities of the Ticket Seller:
  • The initial ticket sale will start with ticket #1
  • Only Oak Run residents may purchase tickets
  • Allow buyer to choose number of tickets and the desired table
  • Color in seats at selected table with marker
  • Write table number on all tickets
  • Have check made out to “ORHA” – No cash will be accepted
  • Record names of every person who will attend
  • Stamp back of check, “For Deposit Only” and place in cash box
  • At the end of ticket sales, justify receipts vs tickets sold
  • Turn checks in to Ambassador’s Treasurer for deposit 
(updated 6-15-19)
As a Standing Committee of the ORHA Board, the Bingo events are headed by the Bingo Chairperson and staffed by resident volunteers for the purpose of promoting entertainment for Oak Run residents and their qualifying overnight guests. An ORHA Director is designated as liaison to Bingo.

Bingo events are scheduled every Tuesday of the year with some events that may be closed for holidays or maintenance. The Chairperson will present the year’s planned events to the ORHA Board during the first quarter of the year preceding the “planned events” in order that the required dates are made available. After the events are approved by the ORHA Board room requests may be scheduled.

The Bingo organization consists of Chairperson, Caller, Runner(s) and Cashier(s). Of which all must be Oak Run residents and members of ORHA (renters are not ORHA members).

The Bingo operation includes but is not limited to the following:
• Must follow the rules of Florida statute Chapter 849.0931 – Gambling and Marion County Municipal Code Chapter 10 Article IX
• Violation is a misdemeanor of the first degree
• License and Registration with the state or municipality is not required, as long as the operation is for the residents of Oak Run and their qualifying overnight guests, and not open to the general public
• Must designate up to three members to be in charge of the Bingo and one must be present the entire game
• Members conducting Bingo must be Oak Run residents and members of ORHA (renters are not ORHA members)
• Must be 18 years or older to play or conduct Bingo
• Players must be a resident and their qualifying overnight guest, no other persons will be allowed to play
• Weekly payouts per event is required 

** For Bingo purposes, a qualifying overnight guest is defined as an overnight guest who lives far enough away to reasonably believe he/she will be staying as a guest for 24 or more hours (Per Oak Run Deed Restrictions and Covenants, a bona fide guest is defined as any guest staying…for 24 hours or more). 

As a Standing Committee of the ORHA Board, Oak Run Travel was formed to arrange trips for the residents of Oak Run. Oak Run Travel is comprised of an Executive Committee of 7 operating groups, all volunteers, each with specific responsibilities. The ORHA Board will appoint a liaison to serve as Meeting Coordinator and Facilitator. The 7 operating groups are as follows:
  • Bus Coordinator
  • Cruises (World Trips)
  • Cruises (Caribbean Only)
  • Day Trips
  • Gambling Trips
  • Multi Day Trips
  • Shows

The Executive Committee shall;
  • Coordinate scheduling of activities of the seven operating groups.
  • Ensure that certificates of insurance from each contracted transportation carrier are secured naming Oak Run Homeowners Association as an additional named insured.
  • Submit Contracts to the ORHA Board President for execution on behalf of ORHA.
  • Require that all personal bills with appropriate descriptive backup and original receipts be submitted to the Treasurer promptly but no longer than 60 days after the cost is incurred.
  • Require each operating group to provide the Treasurer with a financial report for each trip by the end of the third week of the month the trip was completed. In the event a trip overlaps into or starts in the last week of a month the report is due within the first two weeks of the following month.
  • Submit an annual report of the Executive Committee’s activities to the ORHA Board by January 31 of the following year.
  • Require each operating group to produce an operations guide describing how it operates in planning and executing trips.
  • Ensure open and transparent communications between the operating groups and the host volunteers.
  • Be equitable in how hosts are assigned to trips by allowing hosts to request assignment to each available trip and where multiple hosts show interest have a blind selection mechanism to determine actual assignment.
  • Encourage clubs in Oak Run to suggest future trips to the Executive Committee which will consider how such trips fit into overall planning and financing.
  • Not write checks or in any other way provide funds to enable Oak Run Clubs to plan, schedule and promote trips for the exclusive benefit of  the members of a club.
  • Allow an Oak Run Club to be a part of an Oak Run Travel trip as long as all residents of Oak Run may participate. Every effort will be made to allow a club to travel together on such trips. Any rebates or other surplus funds for such trips will be returned to Oak Run Travel, not to a participating club. 

(revised 10-18-21)
Recreational facilities shall be available to all owners and residents for use as approved by Oak Run Associates, Ltd. and the Oak Run Homeowners Association (ORHA), provided that:
  • The use does not violate any local, state, or federal law;
  • The facility is not used to conduct sectarian religious services as might be held in a church or synagogue;
  • The event is not to raise money for the benefit of an organization, charity, or group outside of Oak Run unless approved by the Board of Directors;
  • No residents are barred from participation in the scheduled activity providing they follow the conditions of the event / activity.  Private parties such as (but not limited to) wedding anniversaries, wedding receptions, engagement showers, memorial services, and birthdays may be exempted from this rule if approved by the ORHA Board.
Unoccupied rooms may be used by any resident or club so long as they vacate the room immediately for a scheduled event.

Guests must be accompanied by a resident when using the facilities. Oak Run ID tags must be worn.


To schedule use of any Oak Run facility, a resident or club must submit a Room Request form, which has specific responsibilities of the user to be initialed on the second page. By submitting the signed Room Request form and initialing the user responsibilities, the user acknowledges that he or she has read and accepts the ORHA Recreational Facilities Use Policy, along with the responsibilities listed below.

Users are expected to:
  • Inspect the facility to insure it is clean and in working order, and to report any problems to ORHA’s Director on Duty BEFORE use;
  • No live plants, glitter, confetti, hay or straw or combustible materials are allowed in any facility;
  • Return all furniture and fixtures to their approved arrangement after use;
  • Restore the facility (including the kitchen, if used) to its “as you found it” state of cleanliness;
  • Assure there is no illegal gambling during the use of the facility;
  • Assure there is no smoking in the facility;
  • Assure that the use of open flames or any combustible, flammable, or hazardous materials of any sort, is STRICTLY PROHIBITED; with the exception that the use of stern-o-type fuel or tea light candles may be used for food warming during food distribution, provided the fuel or candles are in an approved device (UL or equivalent) designed for that use;
  • Assure that no pets are allowed in the facility;
  • Assure that no alcoholic beverages are sold in the facility without prior approval from ORHA;
  • Assure that no bare feet or wet swim suits are allowed in the facility with the exception of designated bath areas with exterior access;
  • Assure that there are no more that fifteen (15) non-residents that are not family members attending the event without prior approval from ORHA
  • Assure that there is no commercial solicitation by outside businesses in the facility;
  • Assure that no shoes with cleats are worn in any facility, and that no tap shoes or clogging shoes are worn in the Palm Grove Club Auditorium;
ORHA may review the case of any user who fails to comply with these rules. Disciplinary action, including suspension of rights to use the facilities, may be imposed. Failure to restore a facility to its “as you found it” condition will be remedied by ORHA but the cost shall be imposed on the non-complying user.

NOTE: Use of Recreational Facilities Policy and Procedures are subject to revision. Events scheduled before the revision are subject to the rules in effect at the time of their event. 

(revised 10-18-21)
Scheduling use of recreational facilities has been delegated to the Oak Run Homeowners Association (ORHA) by the Developer, subject to the Developer's final authority. It is the policy of the Developer that activities and programs shall be open to all residents, except private activities cleared by ORHA.

The ORHA Scheduler is a non-voting officer of the ORHA Board of Directors organization and is appointed by the ORHA Board. The Scheduler may name as many assistants as he or she deems necessary. These assistants must be approved by the ORHA Board.

The goal of scheduling is to enable maximum use of facilities by groups, clubs, organizations, and individuals and to prevent exclusion of new users. The ORHA Board reserves the right to preempt use of a facility at any time for business of the Association, for Oak Run Health Fairs and Flu Shot Clinic. Special consideration is given to performing arts groups in the two weeks prior to their event and memorials of residents.

Clubs, groups and organizations may make an annual request to meet once every other month. Clubs, groups and organizations which involve physical activities, cards, games, crafts, or music may make an annual request to meet more frequently (daily, weekly, bi-weekly).

Groups that meet more than once a month may be preempted in favor of a single event (private party/special event). It is the goal of the ORHA Board to limit any preempting to no more than once a month.

Neighborhood groups may request a facility reservation twice each year.

Oak Run residents may request a facility reservation for private activities, providing that use is for the Oak Run homeowner or resident and not for an outside entity. ORHA Board approval is required.

All clubs, groups and organizations are required to submit a Room Request on an annual basis.

Additional room reservations for all clubs, groups, organizations, neighborhoods, and residents are handled on a first-come, first-scheduled basis, after all Oak Run established clubs, groups and organizations have been scheduled.

Requests for use of a facility are made on the Room Request form, provided by the Scheduler.
Facilities are scheduled for ORHA Board meetings and ORHA/Ambassador events prior to other requests.

Priority shall then be given to annual requests for same room assignments as in the prior year, first to Standing Committees, and thereafter to other clubs, committees and activities, but not for more than the prior year's approved assignments. Room Requests may be submitted at any time after May first and before October first for the following year.

Failure to submit annual requests for facilities could result in the facility being scheduled for other users.

A special room request by a private party or by a club that would preempt another group may be approved by the Scheduler only if the group being preempted agrees to give up their meeting or activity.

Note - The time period requested shall include; setup, actual function and cleanup. This requested time must be adhered to in order to respect the requested time of others.

NOTE: Scheduling Facilities Policy and Procedures are subject to revision. Events scheduled before the revision are subject to the rules in effect at the time of their event. 

(revised 6-18-13)
The purpose of this policy is to provide Oak Run Homeowners Association, residents, clubs and neighborhoods a venue to advertise to other residents. The ORHA Board will coordinate the use of the Bulletin Boards at the Orchid Club, the Island Club, the Aquatic Club and the Palm Grove Auditorium.

Wall hanging Bulletin Boards in the Orchid Club Lobby;
The Ambassadors will have use of one wall-hung bulletin board to publicize their events.
Oak Run Travel will have use of one wall-hung board to publicize their travels/trips.
No other activity may use the wall-hung boards.

Movable Bulletin Boards;
One side of this bulletin board will be used by Oak Run residents to advertise their personal items they wish to give away or sell by using a 3”x5” card. They may also advertise a lost pet. No other advertising will be allowed.

Items will be listed for 2 weeks only, except by special permission of the ORHA Board.

The bulletin board volunteer will provide the 3”x5” cards that are located in the wooden cabinet in the Card Room.

The 3”x5” cards are to be completed on the front with the information to be displayed. The back of the card is to include the signature along with the printed name, the phone number and address of the requester. The signed 3”x5” card can then be placed in the locked box available in the wooden cabinet in the Card Room. One 3”x5” picture may be attached to the advertising card. If all the information is not provided as requested above, the card will not be placed on the bulletin board. If you use your own cards, they must comply with the 3”x5” size requirement. All cards or pictures larger than the 3”x5” size will be altered by the volunteer to the appropriate size. 

When space is limited, postings will be limited to one per household in each 2 week period.

The other side of the Orchid Club Bulletin Board is to be used for ORHA information and Oak Run Club posters. Posters can be no larger than 8-1/2x11” in size. The posting is for a 2-week period. All Club posters will state that the function is for “Members & Guests” only.

No permanent posters are permitted, unless by special permission of the ORHA Board. 

Channel 12 is the DECCA owned local channel and all requests for advertising are submitted to DECCA for approval. A printed form is located in the Orchid Club lobby or you can submit requests via e-mail to:

Scheduling bus transportation into and out of Oak Run for resident trips has been delegated to the ORHA Board by the Developer. This Policy is to assure that there is space for the bus(es) for loading and unloading and that there is adequate parking in the designated areas.

A Bus Schedule Coordinator ( the Bus Scheduler) will be appointed by the ORHA Board to oversee the times and places of trip pickups and drop-offs. Any dispute over scheduling will be referred to the ORHA Board.

All requests for scheduling a bus into or out of Oak Run must be submitted to the Bus Scheduler no less than one month before the planned trip.

To assure availability in the schedule even more lead time is recommended otherwise approval may not be possible due to trips already scheduled. This applies to any bus coming into Oak Run for pickup and return of residents regardless of the group or individual responsible for the trip.

Standing Committees of ORHA will receive first option if a scheduling conflict arises with other organizations wanting to schedule on the same day.

To Whom This Applies:
Every club, organization or individual is required to coordinate with the Bus Scheduler when planning a trip requiring a bus to enter Oak Run.

If a group or individual refuses to follow these policies and continues to bring buses into Oak Run while ignoring these policies, they will be denied use of the parking areas and the only option will be to pickup and drop-off travelers at their homes.  Oak Run Security will instruct bus drivers who arrive and are not on the schedule that they are restricted from using the parking area and that their only option is to pickup and drop-off travelers at their homes.

Where Buses May Load/Unload:
The Orchid Club Overflow Parking Lot will be utilized to the maximum extent possible.

The Palm Grove Parking Lot between the Fitness Center and the Boulevard and directly across the driveway will be utilized only when multiple buses will be in Oak Run at the same time and date. Where possible the use of this area should be between 8:00AM and 8:00PM. The scheduler is allowed to make exceptions if parking lot lighting can be arranged with DECCA (if needed).

The Island Club parking lot may not be used.

Parking of Vehicles:
For Day Trips only; Travelers may leave their vehicles parked at the Overflow lot.

For Overnight Trips; In all parking areas, travelers must arrange to be dropped off or arrange for someone to pick up their vehicle before 9:00AM or one hour after the bus leaves. Their vehicle can be returned to the parking area of the returning bus after 8:00PM or one hour before the bus is due back.

The Bus Scheduler will have the approved schedule posted on the ORHA Website and on the Orchid Club Bulletin Board. 

(updated 8-19-17)
The ORHA Website (orha-ocala.com) has been set up to provide information and facilitate communication within the Oak Run Community.

A Webmaster will be appointed by the ORHA Board to operate and maintain the website. The Webmaster's primary responsibility will be to keep the site both current and operational. Questions, comments, and complaints about the website shall be referred to the ORHA Board by email or in writing.

From time to time, one of the ways the ORHA Board will communicate with Oak Run homeowners is by presenting relevant information or timely announcements on the ORHA Website. It is the responsibility of the Webmaster to upload the aforementioned information or announcements and any new/revised ORHA By-Laws and/or Policies and Procedures.

It is the responsibility of the Webmaster to ensure that all communications received via the Webmaster's email account (webmaster@orha-ocala.com) that are not related to the daily operation of the website, are forwarded to the Board's email account (ideas4orha@gmail.com), the President's email account and the Website Liaison's email account for their information and any appropriate response.

It is the Webmaster's responsibility to acknowledge receipt of each and every valid communication received via the Webmaster's email account. It is not the Webmaster's responsibility to reply to the communications that have been forwarded to the ORHA Board.

It is the responsibility of the Webmaster to maintain the structure and integrity of the Scheduler's online yearly spreadsheet templates. The Scheduler will provide only cell data from the approved room requests. All formatting of the spreadsheet templates (fonts, sizing, colors, layout, etc.) will be maintained by the Webmaster.

As may be required in the future, the Webmaster will maintain any other online presence that is part of the operation of the ORHA Board, Officers or Committees (example: Lost and Found).

The Webmaster may enlist the help of as many volunteers as deemed necessary by the Webmaster for the operation of the website. 

The "CUBBY" located at each homesite may be used for delivery to the homesite of materials of the following nature:

Information for the entire community as provided by the developer.  An example of such material would be the monthly Oak Run Newsletter.

ORHA Board approved informational material.  Some examples of such materials are voters registration information, Marion County Commission items or other matters of interest to the entire community.

Information of interest to the members of a specific organization, distribution to be limited to the enrolled membership. Some examples of these organizations would be political clubs and state clubs.

At no time will the "CUBBY" be used for the community-wide solicitation notices for any business, service company or any community-wide distribution of any flyers, notices, pamphlets or cards by any club or organization within Oak Run that have not received approval by the ORHA Board. 

Elections will be held in an appropriate location in Oak Run on the date and hours designated by the ORHA Board and in conjunction with all the rules of the ORHA By-Laws.

Qualified residents may vote in the designated location, at the time announced, by obtaining a ballot from their Neighborhood Representative at the time of the election and indicating their selections on the ballot by either an "X" or a check mark in the box adjacent to the candidate's name. The person voting may also insert the name of a "Write In" candidate for that position. Only the correct amount of selections, as directed on the ballot, may be made for the positions available.

Tellers Duties:
A teller may be any representative from a neighborhood. Two Representatives should be available for teller duties during the election. They may appoint other persons to assist them during an election. There should always be at least two (2) tellers on duty at all times at each station during the election process.

Tellers will be responsible for identifying legitimate homeowners and issuing a ballot to each household and insuring there is only one ballot cast for each household. Tellers will have a listing of residents in their neighborhood and will use this list for identification purposes.

A receipt for the number of blank ballots issued to them will be kept by the tellers for accounting purposes, so that a proper tally can be conducted at the conclusion of the election. Upon conclusion of the election, the tellers will open their ballot box and tally the vote for their neighborhood. The result of their tally and the used and unused ballots as well as any voided ballots will be given to the head teller.

Head Tellers Duties:
There shall be a Head Tellers for each election. The Head Tellers will be responsible for a select group of neighborhood ballot locations during the election, and shall be responsible for assisting the Neighborhood Representatives with any procedural questions and generally be responsible for resolving any problems that may arise during the course of the elections.

Upon the completion of the voting at the election, the Head Teller will pick up the ballots from the Neighborhood Representatives . He or she will compile a result of the voting from the neighborhoods and give the list to the Election Chairperson. A final tally of all votes will be conducted by the Head Teller and the Election Chairperson within 24 hours after the election.

Election Chairperson's Duties:
The Election Chairperson (Normally the Vice-President unless running for reelection) shall have over-all responsibility for the election. He or she shall ensure that the election is conducted in a fair and equitable manner for all candidates. He or she shall resolve any and all questions during the course of the election: Regarding voting rights, residency, and procedures, etc.

The Election Chairperson shall report the results of the election upon completion of the election to the current President of the ORHA Board, who will notify the victorious candidates.

The Election Chairperson will also be responsible for the safeguarding of all ballots, before and after the election. The final tally of votes, as conducted by the Head Tellers and the Election Chairperson, will be given to the current Secretary of ORHA for insertion in the minutes of a subsequent ORHA Board meeting.

Security of Ballots Duties:
After all candidates have been announced, the Election Committee shall have the ballots for the election printed. Upon delivery, the ballots shall be in the custody of the Chairperson and be distributed to the appropriate Head Tellers for distribution to the Neighborhood Representatives on the day of the election. A receipt for the amount of ballots will be kept by the Head Tellers for subsequent accounting.

The ballots used during the voting process will be placed in a secure box and shall only be opened at the conclusion of the election in the presence of the Head Tellers.

Upon the completion of the tally by the Neighborhood Representatives, the used and unused ballots shall be given to the Head Tellers with their accounting of the ballots used, unused and voided, which should total the amount of ballots originally issued to those Neighborhood Representatives. They will also submit the results of the election at that time to their appropriate Head Teller.

When the final tally of the election has been conducted by the Head Tellers and the Election Chairperson, all ballots from each neighborhood shall be placed in a sealed container with a copy of the final tally. A copy of the final tally will be given to the President of the ORHA Board by the Election Chairperson, He or she shall take the sealed container and deliver it to the Secretary of the ORHA Board. The Secretary shall keep the tally and the ballots for thirty (30) days after the election and if there are no objections to the results of the election, the ballots and the tally sheers may be destroyed at that time.

Absentee Ballots:
Any homeowner who wishes to cast an absentee ballot in an election may do so by obtaining an absentee ballot from the Chairperson of the election committee. The ballot can be cast by mailing it to:
Oak Run Homeowners Association
attn: Elections Committee
P.O. Box 772681
Ocala, FL 34477-2681

All ballots for the current election will be picked up at the Post Office on the day of the election at approximately 4:40PM and will be counted by the tellers from each neighborhood at the conclusion of the election and they will be added to the tally of votes for the neighborhood.

The recreation facilities in Oak Run are provided for all residents and their bona fide (overnight) guests. As the community has evolved, so has the interest and need placed on Oak Run clubs participating in inter-community activities.

In developing this policy and procedure, emphasis has been placed on maintaining security for the community and keeping the various facilities available to all residents and bona fide guests.

This policy shall apply to any club whose membership is open to participation by all Oak Run residents (non-restrictive). Additionally, only Oak Run residents shall comprise the group hosting the event (for example the Oak Run group may not be comprised of Oak Run and other residents of neighboring communities).

The Oak Run host group must designate a person "host captain" who assumes responsibility for all incoming visiting group members. Should any problem be incurred including those identified below, it is understood that the host group will no longer be afforded the privilege of inter-community activities.

A complete list of visitors must be provided to Security at each gate.

"Special Guest" tags will be issued by security and the designated host captain will be required to return the exact number of tags issued to the visiting guest to Security immediately following the designated event.

No guest is permitted to use any other facility in Oak Run such as; pools, showers, etc.

The visiting guest must be advised to car-pool and be informed where parking is permitted - NO PARKING IS PERMITTED AT THE SALES AND INFORMATION CENTER. The host captain assumes the responsibility of directing them to the designated location. Under no circumstances should any visiting member be wandering around the facilities in search of their destination.

A club may not host a visiting group more than twice in any given month and the number of invited guests should not exceed 15, unless prior written approval has been received from the ORHA Board. 

The voting premise is that one owner from each platted lot/home is allowed to cast a ballot. If the owner has ownership of more than one lot/home one ballot may be cast for each. This includes DECCA which owns a number of lots/homes. These multiple ballots may be cast in person for each neighborhood where lots/homes are located or by using absentee ballots. Renters may not vote.

1. The election will take place in the Card Room each January on the same day as the Donut Drop-in. The polls will open at 8 am and close  at 12 noon.

2. There shall be 5 voting tables on which there will be one ballot box for a number of Oak Run neighborhoods. This number will vary from table to  table based on past counts of votes cast in each neighborhood.

3. Tellers will be positioned at the tables to verify that a voter is from the correct neighborhood and hasn't already voted by appearance or absentee and will hand the appropriate neighborhood ballot to the voter. Once the voter has cast his/her ballot it is returned to the ballot box and is  inserted by the voter. Tellers should not be from the neighborhood(s) they are controlling. Verification is accomplished using a computer generated list of current owners by neighborhood. This list is provided by DECCA from current ownership data files.
To assure efficiency there shall be no less than one Teller for each 3 neighborhoods but as many as 1 Teller for each 2 neighborhoods. This will be determined by the votes cast in the previous year per neighborhood. The Tellers at each table may help each other depending on the pressure of the number of voters at any given time.

4. Questions raised as to verification of a voter shall be handled by the Head Teller.

5. There shall be 2 Reserve Tellers to replace Tellers as needed.

6. When the polls are closed there shall be 2 Counters who will open the ballot boxes on each table and proceed to tally the votes by neighborhood using the Tally Forms provided.

7. Strict control of the ballots and Tally Sheets will be maintained by transmittal forms at each point in the process.

8. When tallying is completed and the Counters are finished with each neighborhood the completed ballots, unused ballots, and absentee ballots along with the Tally sheet and transmittal form are placed in the large envelops provided and handed to the Head Teller or Election Commissioner.

9. The Election Commissioner, with assistance from the Assistant Commissioner, will verify that all envelope's contents are valid by checking the transmittal forms with the other contents. Once verified the Tally sheets will be checked for math errors against the transmittal form. The vote counts from the tally sheets will be keyed into a computer spreadsheet which automatically summarizes the total number of votes for Directors and Representatives. The total ballots cast by neighborhood as shown on the spreadsheet is compared against the Tally Sheets for each neighborhood. If verified the Election is certified by the Election Commissioner.

(added 11-18-17)
As a Standing Committee of the ORHA Board, The New Resident Orientations are headed by a Chairperson and staffed by volunteer Directors, Neighborhood Representatives, representatives from three other Standing Committees, specifically, Oak Run Travel, Ambassadors and Bingo. Also participating are the ORHA Scheduler, a person taking orders for name badges and representatives from Royal Oaks Dining, Royal Oaks Golf Club and DECCA Cable. Additionally, a liaison from the ORHA Board of Directors is assigned.

New Resident Orientations will be held on a regular basis, but at a minimum they will be held quarterly. The Chairperson will present this to the ORHA Board during the first quarter of the year preceding the proposed events in order that the required dates are made available. After approval by the ORHA Board, dates and room requests will be coordinated.

The Chairperson, or a designated coordinator, is responsible for the following:

The Treasurer is responsible for the following:
  • Collecting checks and cash from the sale of merchandise
  • Maintaining a $100.00 petty cash fund for miscellaneous expenditures
  • Preparing a report following each orientation documenting:
  1. Revenue
  2. Expenses
  3. Profit/Loss for activity
  • Briefly explaining the report to Standing Committee members
  • Providing report, deposit slips, receipts, invoices and other original records to the ORHA Treasurer in a timely manner

The New Resident Orientations Food Committee is responsible for the following:
  • Obtaining materials and providing food at monthly meetings
  • Maintaining and providing all food in a Serve-Safe manner
  • Maintaining the kitchen area in a safe and sanitary way prior, during and after the meetings
  • Cleaning all equipment and storing properly after the event

Storage Policy:
The New Resident Orientations Committee has secured a storage cabinet at the Orchid Club to be used only for items for the meetings with new residents.

(added 12-4-17)
It has been determined that ORHA and Oak Run Associates, Ltd. require a quick and stable method of passing timely information to the Oak Run residents. The Email Notification Committee provides a direct route to contact those residents who choose to be informed. As a Service Committee of the ORHA Board, The Oak Run Email Notification Committee is headed by the Chairperson and staffed by any resident volunteers deemed necessary by the Chairperson for the purpose of operating and maintaining a database of Oak Run residents and a system to provide Emergency Notifications, advisories and important information from ORHA or Oak Run Associates, Ltd. via email. Subscription and unsubscription code shall be posted on the ORHA Website through coordination with the ORHA Webmaster. Resident participation shall be strictly voluntary.

A database of names and email addresses shall be established on a secure and encrypted private server.
  • At no time will the database information be sold or utilized by the Email Service provider.
  • At no time will advertising be added to any emails by the Email Service provider.
  • The database will be correlated with the Oak Run Telephone Directory database and the Oak Run Associates, Ltd. databases for purposes of residency confirmation.
  • No other organizations will ever have access to the database.
  • ORHA will pay the cost of transmission and maintenance to the Email Service provider proportional to the data usage.
Links to sign up for the service will be available on the ORHA Website.
  • Signing up will generate a verification email.
  • Verification will require clicking a link within that email.
  • Following Verification, the applicant will be confirmed as an Oak Run Resident.
  • Confirmed residents will make up the active part of the database and receive notifications.
One routine notification will be sent out each month, providing information regarding the General Meeting. This will inform the subscriber that they are still active on the list, in case no Email Notifications have been sent.

Emergency Notifications will fall into several categories.
  • Emergency Notices, such as Boil Water notices or Hurricane information.
  • Oak Run Associates Notices, such as road closures or changes in the trash pickup schedule.
  • Notifications from the ORHA Board such as election information.
  • No advertising for Oak Run dances, events, etc. will ever appear in the emails.
Information from the database may be used by ORHA or Oak Run Associates Ltd. to contact individuals if necessary. No other organizations will ever have access to the data.

Links to unsubscribe from the service will appear on the ORHA Website and also at the bottom of all emails distributed through the system.
  • Residents who unsubscribe will be deleted from the database.
  • Should the service be deemed no longer necessary by the ORHA Board, the entire database will be deleted from the server and service will be discontinued.
(added 9-10-21)
The New Resident Welcome Packet Committee is tasked with insuring that new residents to Oak Run receive the ORHA Board of Directors Welcome Packet. The Welcome Packet is an integral part of providing new residents with information regarding life in Oak Run. The ORHA Board of Directors is responsible for the content and layout of the Welcome Packets. The Welcome Packet Committee is responsible for printing, binding the booklets together, adding certain pertinent information to the booklets, and distributing them to the appropriate Neighborhood Reps. The Neighborhood Reps are responsible for delivering the booklets to the new residents.


ORHA Board of Directors responsibility;

The ORHA Board of Directors are responsible for ensuring the contents of the Welcome Packets are accurate, clear, concise, and laid out in an organized, appealing manner. The contents should be general, with no specific references to names and phone numbers if possible. This will reduce the number of updates required as volunteers change and preserve the accuracy of the information contained therein. The document should direct residents where to find the most current information.

All changes or updates to the Welcome Packets are to be approved by the ORHA President and/or their designee. Reminder, the ORHA Board of Directors are responsible for the accuracy of the content and the appearance of the pamphlet. Both should reflect a quality befitting a document generated by the Board of Directors.

Welcome Packet Committee responsibility;

The Committee Chairperson recruits adequate volunteers to accomplish the goals of the committee. The Chair sees there is an adequate supply of packets. The packets can be printed on the ORHA copier in the library. It is recommended that a limited supply of copies be kept, thus allowing new copies to be made if there is an update, while limiting the amount of waste.

Once the copies are made, the booklets are “bound” together using the binding machine. An adequate supply of binding combs can be purchased through office supply stores.

Approximately the first 10 days of each month, ORA, Ltd will distribute a list of Home Resales for the previous month. This is the list used to identify new residents.

Members of the Welcome Packet Committee prepare the booklets for distribution to the Neighborhood Reps. They fill out the front cover with the new resident’s name, address, neighborhood, and certificate number. On page 3, the neighborhood rep’s name and contact info is entered. Page 4 the date and time of the next New Resident Orientation is added. Pages 8, 9, and 10 also require name, certificate number, and neighborhood to be written in. (Note: The certificate number is a coded number assigned by the Welcome Packet committee.)

Once these items are written in, the committee member then distributes the completed welcome packet to the neighborhood rep.

Neighborhood Rep responsibility;

Once received, the neighborhood rep will take the welcome packet to the new resident. If the resident has not moved in yet, or is a snowbird, the rep will hold onto the packet until the resident has moved in.

The rep should also point out the date of the next New Resident Orientation and the rep’s contact info.
(added 11-10-21)
To establish use of a public platform to provide an efficient and effective method of communication with the residents of Oak Run Country Club for exchange of information, promoting club activities and allow for sales or service/repair information/recommendations as it relates to the ORHA mission statement and Oak Run.

The following shall be the title of the account/s and shall not be used by ORHA directors, resident, or any site member for personal gain.

ORHA-Ocala (Facebook) shall be used to relay information from the ORHA Board to the residents such as:
• General/annual meeting agendas
• General /annual meeting minutes
• Information for new residents
• Residents to ask questions of the ORHA Board as they relate to Oak Run
• Any information as it promotes, supports and enhances the lives of Oak Run residents

Oak Run Happenings (Facebook) shall be used as a virtual bulletin board for ORHA Board, residents and clubs to announce activities and interests as they relate to Oak Run living.

Oak Run Commercial (Facebook) shall be used as a virtual bulletin board for residents to post their household items they have for sale or give away, share recommendations for

providers of services and share information regarding their hobby-based home enterprises. Bashing of businesses is not allowed.


Guidelines for Use;
The ORHA Board of Directors shall establish and maintain guidelines for membership and use of social media account/s. These guidelines shall be reviewed periodically to keep up with the change of use and the community’s needs.

Administrators and Moderators;
The ORHA Board of Directors shall appoint two administrators and a minimum of three moderators (of the 5, at least two should be directors with the remaining to be residents or past directors). These administrators and moderators will:

• approve or deny applications for membership after checking site for possible suspension or termination of requesting person.
• approve, remove, or block posts
• monitor posts and discussion for content according to the group rules for use.
• Suspend or terminate members whose posts do not fall in the group rules for use
• Communicate the reason for denial, suspension, or termination, of discussion to the
• Keep the ORHA Board up to date on needed changes or problems
• Other duties as needed

ORHA Board, administrators and moderators of the account/s are expected to set the example with their posts and communications with applicants and residents.

While this is a platform that can be viewed by the public, to be approved as a member applicants must answer all questions and must qualify by one of the following:

• Own property in the Oak Run Country Club 55+ community
• Be renting a home in Oak Run Country Club 55+ community
• Be a family member of a resident of Oak Run Country Club 55+ community and
specify the relationship.
    And must:
• Acknowledge/accept the group rules.

You must be able to present proof of the above requirements if requested by an

administrator/moderator of the site.

Only Members can comment and post on the platform. All will be moderator approved before being posted on the platform.

Administrators also reserve the right to warn, suspend, or terminate a user for inappropriate posts. Notification of violation will be explained to the user via FB messenger or email if the email is known.

Note: Notifications are auto generated when most posts are deleted. When a comment in a thread is removed the succeeding comments are automatically deleted also. These succeeding commentors are not required to be notified.

Violation of any of the group rules may result in one or all the following actions by the administrators/moderators:

• Warning of possible suspension if the issue continues with written notification.
• Suspension from use of the site for a period appropriate with written notification.
• Termination of use of the site with written notification.

Note: If you have been terminated or suspended you will be notified via FB messenger or email if available. You may then ask questions of the admin who notified you.

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