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Oak Run Homeowners Association
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The Oak Run Homeowners Association, Inc. (ORHA) is NOT a chapter 720 HOA, we are a chapter 617 Not For Profit social organization. This website and ORHA have nothing to do with HOA or other fees, liens, collections, foreclosures, mortgages, estoppel, ledger, W9 or anything else to do with property owned in Oak Run. For all such inquires please call Oak Run Associates, Ltd, 352-854-6210 or 352-854-5775. 

ORHA Board
of Directors:
Please do not contact the ORHA Board with facilities issues or common area problems. If you have a comment about any of the facilities or common areas in the community (clubhouses, pools, streets, etc) please contact the management team at Oak Run Associates, Ltd, HERE.

The Director on Duty contact list is located, HERE. Residents, and their guests only, (NO Financial or Real Estate emails allowed) may contact the ORHA Board about other issues by email (subject line: BOD comment), ideas4orha@gmail.com. You can also join the ORHA Facebook group to discuss Association issues, HERE.

If you who wish to write a letter, use this address: Oak Run Homeowners Assoc, P.O. Box 772681, Ocala, FL 34477-2681. The Board will try to respond to all signed messages.

Run Associates
You can call most of the below ORAL numbers (Mon - Fri) between 10:00AM and 4:00PM. RFID tags, ID Bracelets, RV Lot Reservations and Name Sign orders are by appointment only. Forms to report issues and request various services can be found, HERE.

Amenities and cable billing questions, billingquestions@deccahomes.com.

Administration and Billing   854-6210 Corporate Office   854-5775
Community Services   854-6010 DDS Cable TV, ISP, Phone   854-3223
DECCA Real Estate   854-8787 Royal Oaks Golf and Dining   861-1818

If there is a problem at any of the Oak Run Associates, Ltd. owned common areas (clubhouses, pools, streets, etc) please contact the following people.

Emergencies: Sheriff's Office ~ dial 911 or Oak Run Security, HERE.
Routine problems: ORAL ~ see above or Director on Duty, HERE,
or your Neighborhood Rep, HERE.

ORHA Event
a venue)
Venues can be reserved for exercising, dances, meetings, memorials, parties, water sports, etc. Find out when and where an event is scheduled or see if a venue is available for your event on a certain date and time.
  • Events Schedule,   2023 & 2024   (view often, changes occur without notice).
  • Reserve a venue online using the fast and easy Room Request form, HERE.
  • Download a Room Request form to print and drop off or email, HERE.
  • Questions about scheduling events, orhascheduler@gmail.com.
The Scheduler conducts help sessions in the Card Room and Orchid Club Auditorium. Ask questions and learn how to use the Events Schedule and Room Request form. Dates and times for these meetings is on the yearly Events Schedule link above.

All activities are required to follow all ORHA policies and procedures for facility usage.
Phone Book
All Phone Book additions, corrections and deletions are handled by the Directory Chairman, Bill Balch. The easiest way to update your information is to use the online form. If you must use a paper form it can be mailed to 10590 SW 71st Circle, Ocala, FL 34476 (Eagles Point) or be put in the Activities Box at the front door, NOT in the cubby. The online form can also be used to update Club Contact info, use CCI.
  • Use the fast and easy online Update Request form, HERE.
  • Download a form to print and drop off or mail, HERE.
  • For questions, 854-4963 or wgbalch@gmail.com.
Instructions for selecting "type" of phone book update being requested;
(CCI) Club Contact Info is selected when a club officer needs to update contact info in the Phone Book and on the Website.

(NLG) New Listing is selected when you are not in the current phone book at THIS HOUSE NUMBER. This usually means someone who is new to Oak Run but it also applies to someone who currently lives in Oak Run, but, in a different house.

(CRN) Correction is selected when you are changing the information currently in the phone book, such as a phone number.

(DLN) Deletion is selected when a person has moved and therefore is no longer living at that address in the current phone book.
The online Website Feedback form is available, HERE. You can also provide a (website topic only, NOT facilities issues) comment, suggestion, or question and volunteer for the Web Team by email, webmaster@orha-ocala.com.

NO phone calls please, your contact must be by online form or email for digital archiving.