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DECCA Digital Solutions:

.Business Hours: 8:00AM to 5:00PM, Mon thru Fri
Office Hours: 9:00AM to 3:30PM, Mon thru Thu
10:00AM to 3:30PM, Fri ~ closed, Sat and Sun
Speak with a Solutions Guide ¤  352-854-3223
Email a Solutions Guide ¤  ddsguide@deccacable.com
After hours, holiday & weekend Customer Care  ¤  352-854-3223-X4
Internet & Phone Support:  24/7  Technical Support  ¤  866-917-4227
Internet Speeds Up To 125 Mbps:
There are 5 tiers of internet speed, 25Mbps, 50Mbps, 75Mbps, 100Mbps and 125Mbps. Call 352-854-3223 or email, ddsguide@deccacable.com, for current pricing and more information.

Note: This page is for informational purposes only, it is not an official DECCA Digital Solutions web page.

All facilities have Wi-Fi available. DDS Internet subscribers will have full access. Call 352-854-3223 or email, ddsguide@deccacable.com, to register and set up your Wi-Fi account. "Guest" access does not require account setup and is for a short duration but you can purchase a voucher to extend your usage.

If you email your request be sure to include the following info:

If you email your request be sure to include the following info:
  • Name, Address, Phone Number, and Billing Account Number, from your monthly statement
  • Email you want associated with the Wi-Fi account, any email will work
  • UserName you want to log in with
  • Password you want to use, 7 or more characters, at least one capital and one number
When connecting to the Hotspot, here are some tips:
  • If you are a DDS Internet customer use the "Subscriber Hotspot" otherwise use the "Guest Hotspot"
  • For subscribers, type your UserName
  • Then type your Password, remember it's always case sensitive
  • Depending on your device's security settings you may need to "Trust" the Hotspot
  • For the "Guest Hotspot" you are allowed one hour of free access per week, with the option of purchasing an additional 'time voucher' at the DDS office or on the login screen using a credit card. A 24-hour voucher is $5.99 and a 72-hour voucher is $9.99 (prices may change)
  • On the "Guest Hotspot" remember to check "Accept the Terms" before selecting the one hour trial button or inputting your voucher code
  • If you have any trouble using a Hotspot call the DDS office, 352-854-3223


Channel 12
Channel 12 is an informative closed-circuit community channel that is specific to Oak Run Country Club and is one of the six services provided to you in your Monthly Services Package. Channel 12 is used by both residents and Oak Run Associates, to inform Oak Run Homeowners of the various fun events and functions that are taking place within the community, to make announcements, and to disseminate news regarding the community that might affect all residents.

Every single home in Oak Run has access to Channel 12 via the Basic Cable channels that we connected to each home when we originally built it. If you are using DIRECTV, Dish Network or CenturyLink and Channel 12 is not working in your home, it’s most likely because the Basic Cable channels that were originally installed were disconnected from our service by your current service provider (or their subcontracting technicians), and then used to deliver their service.

DDS is responsible for the integrity of the signal for the Basic Cable channels, including Channel 12, up to your home. If another provider has interrupted our signal, and you find that you don’t have DDS Basic Cable/Channel 12, you will need to contact them to have them reinstall the service that they disconnected. Best practices do dictate that these providers should be installing their service separately and independently from your existing in-home wiring.

If DDS is already your current provider you don’t have to worry about calling anyone because Channel 12 is in the Basic Cable channel lineup that you are currently enjoying. If you’re not a DDS subscriber currently and would like to find out more information on all we have to offer and how it compares to other providers, please feel free to call or stop by our office conveniently located in Oak Run near the Orchid Club.
DDS is always at your Service – from our quick response to your service request, to the best quality programming available. We work hard at making sure your cable service is as reliable as it possibly can be. We think you’ll agree that DDS continues to be one of the best entertainment and information values around. Unlike satellite providers, DDS employs a highly trained, qualified technical staff readily available right here in your local neighborhood.

As part of our continued education to our valued customers, we feel we can provide you with better service when we equip you with the knowledge that could possibly help you correct an issue or provide us with better information with which to assist you. The following is a few of the most common service requests we receive, along with some helpful hints for you.

No Reception or Bad reception;
These types of service requests are our top priority. We are committed to taking prompt action in order to restore or correct your problem but we require your help. In order to properly detect and isolate the problem, you, the customer, must be home. If you know you’re going to be away from your home, please don’t assume your problem will be fixed by the time you get back. In most cases, the problem isn’t with the cable outside the house but rather it’s most likely an issue on the inside of the home. If you don’t wish to stay at home waiting for a service tech, you may request a four-hour window appointment, 8:00AM - Noon or 1:00PM - 5:00PM. Here are some helpful checks that you can do before placing a request:

  1. Check the connection from your wall jack going to your DTA, Digital Set-top box or to the back of your TV, make sure that it’s not loose or defective. Poor connections cause problems with picture quality as well as interruption in your service.
  2. If you purchase a new TV, make sure you also replace the cable from the wall jack to the TV. So often we see customers go out and spend good money on a Flat screen HD TV and take it home and use the same 20-year-old cable. As an added bonus, if you stop by our office we can even provide you with the new coaxial cable!
  3. Check to make sure your TV set is tuned in to the correct INPUT Source (HDMI-1, HDMI-2).
  4. If you have a Digital Set-top Box and you still have no picture, RESET the cable box or DTA by unplugging the power, wait a few seconds, then re-plug the power back into the wall outlet.
  5. If you are using a DTA box with an older model tube TV, check to make sure your TV is set to channel 3.
  6. Check the batteries on your remote control if you are unable to change channels or adjust your volume. Double check the placement of your batteries, positive and negative position. It could be possible that it’s time to replace the remote (It may have been dropped one too many times!) ☺.
We hope these few tips may save you some frustration and hopefully alleviate interruptions to your favorite programming. But remember; don’t assume that DDS is working on correcting the problem you’re experiencing as we may not even be aware that there is one! (Please, don’t rely on your neighbors to report a problem either, as chances are they may also be relying on you to place the call.) So, don’t delay, call Customer Care, 352-854-3223.
Who Owns

As a customer of DDS you should know what services are covered by your monthly charge. DDS now provides a multitude of products and services but, as with any service, we don’t provide unlimited technical and repair services. When it comes to customer-owned equipment or home wiring that is where we must explain Ownership. Customer-owned equipment includes any home component such as: a TV set, VCR, DVD, personal computer, DSS satellite dish, WebTV, modem, router (or any other electronic device that may be connected to your DDS services.) These items are not, in any way, the responsibility of DDS, nor are any of the interior wiring of your home. (Home ownership or home residency constitutes responsibility for any problem caused within the home.)

DDS is responsible only up to the demarcation point outside of your home. The demarcation point is the location at which a service drop cable is connected at the exterior wall prior to entry to the home. Having said that, if you place a service request and a technician finds no problem with the cable reception at the demarcation point, the service request is deemed to be caused by the customer’s equipment and is subject to a service charge. The technician at that point will advise you of the problem and explain that the problem may be caused by faulty wiring or a device inside the home.

Customer-caused service requests related to such equipment or interior home wiring is subject to a minimum of $35 for the initial 30 minutes with an additional charge of $15 every quarter hour afterwards. After-hours, weekends, and/or holidays are charged at a rate of $65 emergency mobilization fee, the initial $35 charge as well as the $15.00 for every quarter hour afterwards. (This also includes problems caused by re-programming of TVs and/or VCRs.) Other repair charges such as repairs to cut cable line are subject to additional charges as identified. DDS will not replace any interior wiring such as in attic space or inside walls. If the cause of the problem is due to faulty wiring, the technician will make you aware and recommend replacement. Please be advised that your monthly programming fee does not cover any problems caused by customer-owned equipment or interior home wiring; your monthly cable bill only covers the delivery of your various programming and excellent service.

High-Speed Internet and Digital Phone subscribers are provided with a 24/7 tech support service with their monthly charge, but this does not include computer education, repair or installation of your computer or any associated software or hardware, which also includes the modem provided to you at the time of installation. Digital cable subscribers’ set-top boxes are completely covered under their monthly rental fee for any defective operation of the box (which means that we will replace the set-top box at no charge to you if the set-top box is found to be the cause of the problem.)

Valued customers, please don’t misunderstand, this article is in no way to deter you from placing a legitimate service request. If the problem is caused by us, we want to make sure that we make every effort to provide you with the very best service and make it right for you! We just ask that you double-check your equipment and/or cable connections prior to placing the service call. This will not only save you money, but also unnecessary interruptions of service. When placing a service request, we remind you that you are required to be available at home so that the technician can properly isolate and determine the cause of the problem. For your convenience we offer service windows of 8:30AM - Noon or 1:30PM – 5:00PM. Please remember we are located right here in your neighborhood ready to serve you, so don’t hesitate to call us with questions and concerns, 352-854-3223.
You Dig:
Every year we like to remind you to please CALL BEFORE YOU DIG, but every year, no matter our best efforts, we still continue to receive a number of service calls related to CUT cables. It’s such a shame! It’s so easy to just pick up the phone and call for a FREE utility locate. With just one call all of your utilities will be notified to locate your water, power and telephone services as well as your (very important) CABLE TV line!

All you have to do is dial 811. When you place the call, be ready to answer a few simple questions. (Your address along with the nearest cross street, your subdivision, phone number, type of work being done, how deep you will be digging, the day of your excavation, whether or not machinery is being used and the duration of the work.) Also, if you’ve hired a contractor, make sure they’ll be calling for the cable and line locations if you are not. Remember, it’s your property and you are ultimately responsible for any damages done to any utility company lines -not the contractor- so make sure the locate has been done prior to the work!

We’d encourage you, even if you recently called for a locate and/or you think you can remember where everything is, to STOP yourself and call the professionals for FREE! It’ll most definitely save you time, money and frustration in the long run as though the locate service may be FREE, the CUT Cable is NOT!

For more information on this subject visit Sunshine State One Call of Florida, HERE.