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Chairman's Message
Oak Run Travel is a volunteer organization open to all residents of Oak Run. It was started over 30 years ago to arrange trips for residents and, being a committee of ORHA (not a club), there are no dues. The only requirement for being a volunteer is to have a desire to give back to this community we all call home. And, all residents may go on the trips.

Twice each year we deliver a colorful Travel Brochure loaded with a variety of trips. Some trips are for venues and events easily within a couple of hours bus ride which lets us come home that night. Others are multi-day trips by bus, ship or air that last from 1-3 nights and up to as much as 15-20 nights.

Always read this web page to get the latest on upcoming trips and look for trips we add to our schedule!

About Travel
Oak Run Travel is for all residents to enjoy. We try to book a variety of trips so there is something for everyone. We go to the Dog Track, the Horse Track, Shopping, Plays, and Festivals. In addition we have a wonderful trip to area horse farms that has become so popular we have two different dates. In each brochure we try to have one trip with a guide, such as St. Augustine, Tarpon Springs, or Winter Park.

Throughout the year we will highlight some tours in detail. We will indicate when trips are sold out, but you may still have your name on a waiting list. Please review the Oak Run Travel Regulations for Reservations, Cancellations, and Operations HERE.

Sign up for a trip, have fun with your neighbors and make new friends from Oak Run. You'll be glad you did!

Travel News
Two More Trips With Space Available
We have a few tickets available on the following trips.

Trip #8 on Thursday, February 22, is to Tampa Bay Downs (2nd of 3) for the Horse Races and a great included buffet. You have a wonderful time with reserved seating for both the buffet and watching the races. Call Fred and Joann Veale, your hosts, for 7 tickets that have become available and are only $51 per person.

Trip #15 is on Mother's Day, May 13. Enjoy Menopause The Musical at the Show Palace Dinner Theater for a matinee performance. At only $74 per person this makes for a great Mother's Day afternoon. The price includes transportation, buffet and show plus bus driver tip. Call Della Blanchard, your host.

Just one reminder why traveling with Oak Run Travel is so great versus most commercial travel companies. We schedule our buses to pick you up right here in Oak Run, take you directly to the venue with no stops for additional pickups and the same in getting you straight back to Oak Run (unless of course we have scheduled a meal).

A Few Trips Have Space Available
Trips found in our yellow Travel Brochure have been very well accepted and many are full with a wait list. The following trips have space available.

We are going to the Show Palace Dinner Theater to enjoy Unexpected Songs on Sunday, March 4. You'll hear songs from The Sound of Music and the Phantom of the Opera along with many more from the greatest musical theater song books of all time. Call Jim and Patty Waddell for your tickets to enjoy this matinee show costing $74 per person, buffet included.

Our trip to the horse races at Tampa Bay Downs
(3rd of 3) on Wednesday, March 14, will soon fill up. Cost for the trip is $51 per person including the buffet. Call Connie Smith, your host.

On Saturday, March 24 we are going to see country star Crystal Gayle at the Orange Blossom Opry. She'll sing many of her hits including One Must Believe in Magic and Don't Make My Brown Eyes Blue. Lunch on your own will be at Eaton's Restaurant before the show. The cost of the trip is $73 per person. Call Amelia Fiore, your host.

Chorus Line is being performed at the Phillips Center in Gainesville on Sunday, April 22. This is musical theater in its purest form with iconic stories that are touching, yet funny and inspiring. Hosts: Kathy and Jim Fountain. Cost is $80 for this evening performance.

Della Blanchard is hosting an 9 day trip to Cape Cod leaving September 15. This trip costs $899 per person double occupancy and includes 8 nights of lodging, 3 dinners and 8 breakfasts. This is an amazing value. For more details and to sign up call Della. A  $100 per person deposit is required. Inexpensive cancellation insurance is recommended in case you discover later that you can't go.

Cedar Lakes

On Thursday, April 5, a bus leaves for Cedar Lakes, Woods & Gardens. There are 20 acres of botanical gardens, walking trails, benches and rest area. Electric scooters will work fine in parts of the gardens but wheelchairs will have difficulty going down and back up on the trail into the quarry. There are observation points around the top of the quarry. Trees and topography of the quarry allow temperate and semi-tropical plants to flourish along with the many small animals who make it home. There is even a 100 pound blue catfish in the pond. Timing for the trip is perfect for Azaleas and other Spring flowering plants. Call JoAnn and Jan Flickinger to sign up before all the seats are filled on Trip #12. Costs is $38 per person and lunch will be on your own at the Ivy House in Williston.

Ice Exhibit and Pippin

Our trip to the Gaylord Palms 'Ice' exhibit was a big hit with our travelers. The photo (click to enlarge) shows a number of our residents decked out in parkas supplied by Gaylord as they look at colorful Christmas themed ice sculptures. The parkas and gloves were a necessity because the temperature throughout the ice palace was just barely above zero.

For Pippin on Saturday, January 27, there are 2 tickets that have become available due to cancellation. This is great entertainment with music, acrobatics and wondrous magical feats. Pippin, the prince, finds happiness in the less than extraordinary moments of everyday life after he searches for it on the battlefield, in politics and through pleasures of the flesh. The cost at The Show Palace Dinner Theater is $74 per person which includes the buffet, transportation and show. Call the hosts Joan Berring and Ed Schlosser for these tickets.

Tampa Bay Downs (2nd of 3)
Our trip to the horse races at Tampa Bay Downs (2nd of 3) on February 22 will soon fill up. We have many repeat travelers from previous because residents really enjoy the great buffet and special treatment we receive by having reserved seats to watch the races. Cost for the trip is $51 per person including the buffet. Call Joann and Fred Veale to sign up for Trip #8.

We are researching future trips beginning with trips for Fall 2018. Hopefully, another Mystery Trip can be arranged plus some different points of interest. We already have had many positive responses to our proposal to take trips by air within the continental USA and Canada so you should be looking for specifics as we finish 2018 and plan 2019.

Phantom of the Opera

On Thursday, February 15, 'The Phantom of the Opera' returns with its wonderful story of unrequited love and beautiful music plus astounding newly designed sets. It is at the Straz Theater in Tampa and we have tickets for the matinee performance. We will stop for dinner on our own following the show. Call Michael Kinney to get your tickets which costs $104 per person including transportation and gratuity. Only 4 tickets remain. It is sure to be a wait list trip before too long.

Tango Fire and a
Caribbean Cruise
Our trips have sold very well and several have wait lists. Remember that many times if you are on the wait list for a trip, you are likely to get to go since signed up residents may have to cancel during the last 2 to 3 weeks before the trip date.

Come with us on January 19 to Gainesville's Phillips Center to enjoy 'Tango Fire'. There are sizzling dances and unforgettable music of Argentine Tango. The cost is $66 per person which includes your ticket, transportation and gratuity. There are limited seats on the bus and we need to pay for this trip in early December so call JoAnn Cohen, your host, right away.

Cabins have sold very well for our April 15-22 Western Caribbean Cruise. The Rhapsody of the Seas departs from Tampa with stops in Key West, Cozumel, Belize City and Puerto Costa Maya. With such low cabin costs (for example $579 per person for a large inside cabin) plus taxes and transportation, they will be gone soon. Call our travel agent
Chariot Travel at 888-306-5180 to book your cabin. You can also call John Casabianca if you want more information.

Trip Brochures
For a quick view of the Trip Schedules see the Schedules page HERE. For info about each of our trips you can view and download a Brochure by selecting the image or title below. Some trips may be sold out already. Call the host or hostess to find out more or to be put on a waiting list.

Photo Gallery
(select any photo to enlarge)
washington_dc washington_dc
Unique upstairs/downstairs restaurants
"Mt. Dora Trip" ~ October 2017
Photo: Jim Waddell
View of Lake Dora from Lakeside Inn
"Mt. Dora Trip" ~ October 2017
Photo: Jim Waddell
washington_dc washington_dc
Trollycar used for tour
"Mt. Dora Trip" ~ October 2017
Photo: Jim Waddell
Historic home built circa 1900
"Mt. Dora Trip" ~ October 2017
Photo: Jim Waddell
washington_dc washington_dc
Tienanman Square / Forbidden City
"China Trip" ~ October 2017
Photo: Bob Kocher
The Great Wall
China Trip" ~ October 2017
Photo: Bob Kocher
washington_dc washington_dc
Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe in Sanford,
"Oktoberfest Trip" ~ October 2017
Photos: John Mowen
washington_dc washington_dc
Smithsonian Air and Space Museum,
"Washington, D.C." ~ June 2017
Photo: Phil Smith
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial,
"Washington, D.C." ~ June 2017
Photo: Phil Smith
st_andrews_scotland rockefeller_center
At St Andrews, the most famous course in
the world,
"Scotland-Ireland" ~ May 2017
Photo: Bob Kocher
Chilly but happy group at Rockefeller
Center, "NY City" ~ December 2016
Photo: Kathy Fountain
Young horse stays close to it's mother,
"Horse Country Tour" ~ April 2016
Photo: Jim Waddell
Baby manatee nurses as mother surfaces,
"See The Manatees" ~ March 2016
Photo: Sallie Crass

Contact Info (updated 9-29-17)
Chairman:  Jim Waddell,  237-7145,  ourbus200@earthlink.net

Day Trips and
Multi-Day Trips:  Connie Smith,  873-2636,  con539@embarqmail.com
Kathy Fountain,  303-638-2684,  frontierhealth@msn.com

Cruises:  Bob and Cindy Kocher,  854-0009,  bobthek@embarqmail.com
     John Casabianca,  237-3135,  casaby@embarqmail.com

Bus Coordinator:  Della Blanchard,  237-6474,  della@deccacable.com 

Travel Brochure Coordinator:  Carolee Carter

ORHA Board Liaison:  Pat Niles,  233-6444,  pat_niles@yahoo.com

Treasurer:  Patty Waddell,  237-7145,  imatexasgirl@earthlink.com  

Travel Regulations (updated 9-29-17) 

Reservations Info
Reservations for FOUR (4) persons ONLY per trip will be accepted.


1. All sales will begin at 11:00AM at the specified building.

2. Upon arrival, a probable list has been started by an "early bird" Oak Run resident.

3. When host/hostess arrives, he/she will take this list and proceed to fill out the registration form.

4. At 11:00AM, the host/hostess will call your name in the order of your arrival as shown on this "early bird" list, then take your check made payable to ORHA.

5. At this time you will sign in ink for your bus seat selection and may leave.

6. You must remain on the premises at all times to assure your place in line.

7. If you believe a trip to be popular, you are advised to arrive at the sign up location early at your discretion. 

Cancellation Policy
CANCELLATIONS: Once a reservation has been made, and the traveler is unable to go, the traveler will contact the host or hostess of the trip to ascertain if there is a waiting list. The host will call the first name on the list. When a purchaser has been found, that person will write a check to the original ticket holder.

The same bus seat and/or admission ticket should be used as originally assigned. The host/hostess will be responsible to ensure the return of the check to the person who is unable to go. If there is no waiting list, the person wishing to cancel will have to sell his reservation to any eligible buyer he can. Oak Run Travel will assist in this endeavor.

1. If the cost of an admission ticket is refunded by the place where the ticket was purchased, Oak Run Travel will refund the entire amount of your ticket.

2. If the place to be toured (or bus company) changes the established tour date after reservation payment has been made, ticket holders will be entitled to a full refund if they are unable to travel on the rescheduled date.

3. There will be no refund for cancellation on the day of departure. 

Operating Policy
Gratuities for Bus Drivers: Gratuity is included on all trips unless noted otherwise in a trip’s detail description in the brochure.

Handicapped: Wheelchairs can be stored in the luggage compartment of the bus. Early sign up is encouraged in order that seats toward the front of the bus may be selected. A wheelchair symbol to the right of the trip name and location indicates it is suitable for the handicapped.

Reclining Seats: Please check with the person behind you BEFORE reclining your seat. If they are tall, their knees will be in the way of full reclining. Be considerate. Before getting up from your seat. RETURN it to its upright position. Thank You!

Cannot Reach Host: Call appropriate Trip Coordinator as found on the front of the current Travel brochure.

Waiting List: If a trip is sold out, please call the host and have your name(s) placed on a waiting list. If a cancellation occurs, you may be called. If the list warrants, another trip may be offered or a second bus added. Those on the waiting list get first call the next time the same trip is offered.

Package Deals: All trips are package deals.  No refunds or credits will be given for portions of trip a resident chooses to skip.

Prices: Should there be a change in a price quoted by Oak Run Travel, the increase or decrease will be passed on to all making the trip. Also, times and dates may be subject to change. Notification will be given via newsletter or channel 12. Refunds will be given to those who must cancel due to date change.

Transportation: Travelers are required to use the mode of transportation arranged by Oak Run Travel or relinquish their reservation for the trip.

Working Hours: In general, Working hours for our volunteer hosts are from 9:00AM to 8:00PM. Please make all calls within that time frame. Emergency? - Call the appropriate Trip Coordinator as found on the front of the current Travel brochure.

Note: The travel coordinators and all hosts and hostesses of Oak Run Travel are volunteers. They pay to travel like all other travelers.

Returned Checks: If our bank returns your check, you will be responsible for the service charge. 

Parking Restrictions
For Overnight Trips: In all parking areas, travelers must arrange to be dropped off or arrange for someone to pick up their vehicle before 9:00AM or one hour after the bus leaves. Their vehicle can be returned to the parking area of the returning bus after 8:00PM or one hour before the bus is due back.

Please refer to ORHA Policies and Procedures page on Bus Trip Parking