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Sound Room and Kitchen
Clubs, groups and organizations that need to have the Sound Room and/or Kitchen opened, should contact the Director-on-Duty, NOT SECURITY. Requests must be made at least 3 days before the requested opening. Any request made with less than 3 days notice may not be granted and is at the discretion of the Director on Duty. Thank you, The ORHA Board.

Coffee Users Policy
For The Use Of New Grindmaster Coffee Brewers

Any organization in Oak Run can use the Coffee Brewers provided they have attended an orientation as to their use and operation.

ORHA will furnish the filters. The organization must furnish the coffee grounds, cups and condiments. (The exceptions are The Veterans Association of Oak Run, Hospice, and mourning services of residents of Oak Run.)

Any Director on Duty will be happy to assist any member of any Oak Run organization on how to operate the new Coffee Brewers.

Upon completion of use, the used coffee grounds must be emptied, the brewing baskets cleaned. The coffee shuttles must be completely emptied, rinsed, and the surrounding areas thoroughly cleaned.

Room Requests
Room Request Forms are found in the Cabinet in the Card Room. On the middle shelf are three trays. The top tray contains "Approved Request Forms". The Middle tray is for Room Requests that have been completed and require "Approval". The bottom tray contains blank Room Request Forms.

Room Request forms may also be downloaded and printed, click or tap >
HERE. Those wishing to complete forms using email may contact the scheduler at orhasch@gmail.com. A form in either MS WORD ('97 version) or Open Office will be sent to the requester who will be given instructions on how to fill the form out and return it via email.

For all scheduling information please contact the Scheduler, Judi Varga, 291-0799.

Bingo Info

Everybody who attends Tuesday Night Bingo at the Palm Grove is a winner!  Where else can you get a whole evening of fun, excitement and entertainment for as little as $8?  There are 28 games offered with a total of $2000 in prize money, consisting of twenty-five $50 cards and three $250 cards. There is always plenty of seating available. For new residents or those new to Oak Run Bingo, Co-Hosts Dee and Sharon will be happy to help you get started. The doors open at 4:00PM and play begins at 6:00PM. All Oak Run residents (and overnight guests) are invited (must be 18). Everyone must wear Pool Tags or Name Tags. FMI: call Dee at 237-9364.

For your dining pleasure, every Tuesday, Linda's Bingo Cafe offers sandwiches, salads and a weekly hot dinner special for players or those who want to avoid cooking with some first rate take-out at a reasonable price. Take-out is available from 4:00PM to 5:30PM.

Bingo Parking:

The parking lot is well lit and there is plenty of parking available. We've added additional handicapped parking spaces in front of the Palm Grove Auditorium on Bingo night, reserved for those attending Bingo. All golf cart spaces in front of Palm Grove are also reserved for Bingo players.

If you are visiting the Palm Grove Pool area or the Fitness Center on Tuesday afternoon or evening, please park in front of the Fitness Center or on the Boulevard side of the Fitness Center.

Those attending Bingo at the Palm Grove on Tuesday should not park in the Royal Oaks Golf Club parking lot and those who are dining at Royal Oaks on Tuesday should not park in the Palm Grove parking lot. This will enable all to have easy access to the venue of their choice. Thank you for your consideration.

Organizations with an ORHA web page
ORHA Standing Committees Ambassadors Oak Run Travel

Clubs and Organizations with websites

Affiliated Oak Run websites (independent of ORHA and ORA-Ltd)

Insurance Info
ORHA Bodily Injury Liability Insurance

A copy of the ORHA Insurance Policy declarations pages is at the copy machine in the library for anyone wanting to read it. You may make a copy of this document for your own use at normal copy costs or print it now by selecting either image.


Submit to Channel-12
Email requests to, oakrunchannel12@deccacable.com, and provide the necessary information.
Submit your information as follows:

1. The name of the Organization submitting the request (for example, the New Jersey Club).
2. The name of the person submitting the request and their phone number.
3. The name of a contact person and their phone number if further information is required (if the same as the person above, use "Same").
4. The dates you want the announcement to run on Channel-12 (the limit is two weeks).
5. The desired message (please do not use all caps but do use abbreviations whenever possible).

The NJ Club's  Xmas Party

Wed, Dec 12, at 7PM in the Orchid Club

pork and chicken dinner by Royal Oaks

music by Charlie Daniel's Band

cost $5 member - $15 guest

Beth 234-5678

To view the Channel-12 notices online visit the Channel-12 Notices page > HERE.

Submit to Newsletter
Email requests to, oakrunnewsletter@deccacable.com, and provide the necessary information.

All articles submitted for the Newsletter should clearly indicate either the club, organization or purpose of the article. Articles must be NO LONGER THAN 200 WORDS.

The sender must include their name and  phone number. Please submit all information to be published by the first of the month preceding the month of publication.

To view current and past issues of the Newsletter visit the
Newsletter Archive pages > HERE.